Thursday, August 22, 2013

Three Reasons Why is Back

Last year I had the bright idea to combine my studio website and my blog. Why pay for hosting and a domain name when Blogger offers it all for free? So I said goodbye to and cancelled my hosting package.

It wasn't a terrible idea, in fact it was a great way to encourage my own piano families to check in with my blog from time to time and see some of the fun things we do. And a friendly way to let the piano teaching community have a peek at our studio projects.

But I think I made a mistake. There are three reasons why I decided to bring back Before I tell you, here's a screen shot of my sparkly new website, I hope you'll come visit: piano studio website studio website

1. Tidy code - When I learned how to code HTML a few years ago, I became aware of writing nice tidy code for a quick loading site. Unfortunately, I am all too aware of the very messy code that is behind the scenes in a WYSIWG blog. You know when your house seems tidy, but don't ever open the door to the spare room because it is a disaster (or in our case the tool room). Well, I couldn't take it anymore. I wanted my tidy code back and it felt good to build a website from scratch again.

2. Search Engines - I need my studio website to bring new students to me. We all do online research for everything from cameras to chiropractors. I know potential piano families are out there typing "piano teacher Bedford Nova Scotia" and I would like my name to be at the top of that list. When they click the link I want them to see a great looking website that makes people want to come take piano lessons.

3. Service to Piano Parents - It is very important to make it as easy as possible for my current piano families to get the information they need. Part of that is just respecting the fact the families are busy and anything I can do to make it a little easier to manage their children's activities and schedules is something I want to offer. Also, being professional and well organized helps with student retention from year to year and reduces the amount of time answering emails and phone calls.

Here's why letting go of my old domain was a mistake. When I contacted my hosting provider to re-establish a hosting plan and reactivate my domain, they told me that since it had expired I would have to pay $100 extra to get back. Ouch! piano studio website
I suppose I could have tried to think of another domain, but Pianoanne has been my teaching identity for so many years. In fact, it started way back when I belonged to a large biking group, and as people were struggling to remember all the new names, the other members remembered me as Pianoanne. Catchy and stuck.

By the way, if some of you are considering a new studio website you might want to hold on just a little longer. Everything is about to change with the addition of new extensions. Instead of .com or .ca you'll be able to have .music or .studio. Imagine!


  1. Website looks great! Best wishes for a great start to another year of teaching :-)

  2. I agree with keeping the website separate from the blog:) and I'm happy to see you've brought back PianoAnne. All the best for the upcoming season!


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