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Anne Crosby's Music Discoveries will help make beginning piano lessons a big success! A child's introduction to playing the piano should be full of fun! After all, the most effective learning comes from playful experiences.

Music Discoveries has been embraced by experienced private and group piano teachers, parents, beginning teachers and classroom music teachers. With an all-in-one workbook design plus colorful learning aids and mp3s, this is all you need to teach the basics. And best of's FREE.

Music Discoveries by Anne Crosby. Workbook, games, mp3s...all free!

Music Discoveries All-In-One Workbook

Download Music Discoveries Workbook (color)

Download Music Discoveries Workbook (black and white)

You have my permission to print and use these pages for educational purposes. But you may not edit my work, sell or reproduce any of this material.

Are you an iPad user? Did you know you can download the Music Discoveries workbook and save it in iBooks? What a great way to save paper and ink!

Music Discoveries: free download may be saved and viewed on your iPad

Drip/Rainbow & High/Middle/Low Cards

Music Discoveries: Drip/Rainbow and High/Middle/Low Cards

Music Discoveries: Drip/Rainbow and High/Middle/Low CardsFirst piano lessons can be even more fun with the Drip and Rainbow Cards. Compose rhythms using short and long sounds, preparing for the concepts of tah and half note.

Use the High, Middle and Low Cards to introduce the concept of range on the piano keyboard or to act as a guide when learning "Up We Go" and "Down We Fly".

Of course, students will meet Clara the Cow, Cici the Cat and Peep the Chick later with the Barnyard Friends!

Download the Drip & Rainbow plus High, Middle & Low Cards 

More Music Discoveries Teaching Aids

Music Discoveries teaching downloads

Music Discoveries Rhythm Blocks

Students will compose and clap their own rhythms as they learn basic note values using the colorful rhythm blocks. Or offer a fun twist by clapping a rhythm and have your student figure out the correct sequence of notes. Get started without bar lines until the student is ready to learn about time signatures. This colorful hands-on activity makes rhythm concepts a breeze!

Download Music Discoveries Rhythm Blocks

Music Discoveries Alphabet Cards

There are three alphabet games in the Music Discoveries workbook to help children develop a good foundation for white keys names. Knowing the music alphabet thoroughly sets the stage for successful music reading.
  • Letter Mix-ups
  • Keyboard Mix-ups
  • Spell It
Download Music Discoveries Alphabet Cards

Music Discoveries Audio Accompaniments

Students are encouraged to practice their songs with the teacher audio accompaniments. Performing with the recordings helps establish steady playing, good listening skills and it so much fun. You may work with the recordings here on my website, or purchase the album for just $4.99 to easily download the entire collection to your computer.

Success Stories

“Hi Anne, Just wanted to show you how my keyboard lab looks and how I'm using your Music Discoveries online book and pdf book with my kids. Here are a couple of pictures of the keyboard lab. They love it and I really appreciate having an easy to use, modern, kid-friendly method. Your free online resources are a breath of fresh air! Thanks again!” - Sue (classroom teacher, Iowa)


  1. What a great resource you are making available to fellow teachers! Thank you so much.

    I think the big hands guy is called Tempo.


  2. Hi Anne,
    Your blog/website has really inspired me in developing my own website and creating more fun teaching resources! Thank you!
    One question- I love to use Music Discoveries as a first 'book' for my students, and couldn't find the online version with all the bouncing little 'Tempos' and mp3s on each page. Is it still around anywhere, or would you consider bringing it back? Perfect for parents to support their kids with practice at home :-)

  3. This is so exciting!!!! I taught my neighbor boys years ago one fall, but they came with their own books. I'm just starting teaching piano lessons again and wanted some really fun ideas and great resources for teaching piano. It can be hard to grasp sometimes! I'm so excited for all of the workbook and materials you share!! As an Elementary Education major, this fits my style of teaching!
    Thank you soooo much!!!!!

    I do have a question about the workbook though....for all of the duets, the teachers part is all just a big jumble on the page and it is hard to figure out what exactly I'm supposed to play. I don't know if it is a download issue or not.


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